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*Allison ...or Allie
*Photos of me are tagged as #GallifreyianPresident
*DOB: 21st Sept 1992
*Ex-Fiancée of Jamie McCrimmon
*Wife of Davros
*Step-Mother of Daleks

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Halloween cosplay 2014 - Fem! Darth Vader

Check out my facebook page for more of my cosplay photos at cons & upcoming stuff - Little Lowie’s Cosplays

thankyou :) xx

22nd Birthday - 20th Sept 2014 birthday comedy gig with comedy friends.

Photo 1: Me

Photo 2: Me in my velvet dress

Photo 3: my Adelaide Comdey boss, comedian & friend, Craig Egan

Photo 4: my Adelaide Comdey co-worker & friend, Daisy

Photo 5: Local comedian & friend, Patrick Carl

Photo 6: Local comedian & friend, Haydn Megins

Photo 7: Local comedian & friend, Jason Pestell

Photo 8: Local comedian & friend, Matt Vesley

Photo 9: Legendary comedian & friend, Chris Franklin

Photo 10: Chris bought shots and a birthday muffin for me at midnight

22nd Birthday - 20th Sept 2014 Birthday lunch & comedy gig with Friends.

Photo 1: Lil Lizzie

Photo 2: Lil Lizzie’s parents, Hannah & Aaron

Photo 3: my bestie, Deanna

Photo 4: Kate

Photo 5: Cassie

Photo 6: Clara

Photo 7: Sasha


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Me flirting with someone I’m not emotionally invested in:


Me flirting with someone I actually like:


" HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOWIE!!! :D I hope it was the most excellent of days! Welcome to the Palindrome Club! :D :D xx"

Nawwww thankyou so much!!!! :) xxx

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  1. Your real name:
  2. your detective name (favourite colour and favourite animal):
    Purple Rhino
  3. your soap opera name (middle name and street you live on):
    Marie Oxford
  4. your star wars name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle): 
  5. superhero name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): 
    orange modem
  6. goth name (black and one of your pets): 
    (don’t have a pet so I’ll use my brothers) Black Kira, Black Dusty or Black Friday

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Date me now, i will get hot, im an investment

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Put three names in my inbox.

  • Status: Rain! :)
  • Older person on Facebook: Us too, so badly needed as well. Tell your mom I said hi. How is the family? Tell everyone hi from us. We miss you all so much. Wish we could be there. You're a beautiful young woman.
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